Wednesday, July 8, 2009

And we're off!

The kids and I are taking off this morning on a cross country trip. We're driving back to NC to stay with my parents for a couple weeks. There are a few reasons for this trip, but the main one is a chance for me to really work my business in an area where I know so many more people and have free babysitting. I've set some goals for myself that I really want to achieve, and this trip is to help jumpstart those goals. My mom is flying in to Oklahoma City. We'll pick her up at the airport and then start heading east. We'll be spending two nights on the road so please keep us in your prayers. We'll be two women traveling with three small children so we'll be an easy target for anyone looking for one. Pray that God puts a hedge of protection around us during our journey. And one around our minds as well lol.

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